8 Hot Wedding Trends for 2020

October 2nd, 2019

Barn Weddings Will Remain a Hot Trend for 2020 Weddings


With the peak of wedding season 2019 coming to an end in the weeks to come, it begs the question of what we’ll see at weddings in the coming year. While 2019 was the year of returning to the classics including spectacular wedding cakes, flower decor, and barn weddings, what will we see in 2020?


8 trends to expect at weddings in 2020


Couples in 2020 will continue on with much of what continued to gain popularity in 2019. But, we’ll see a few more trends creep up throughout the year.

  1. A return to relaxed and informal – Though this has been a popular trend for couples of all types over the last several decades, we’re expecting to see this become even more popular in 2020. Though millennials don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to get married, those that do aren’t interested in huge guest lists. Small, intimate ceremonies are in.
  2. Personal big experiences – Just like today’s shoppers expect a personalized experience, wedding planners and their clients are looking to create these opportunities for guests and the happy couple alike. This is all about go big or go home. Oversized decorations, colorful smoke flares, and even fireworks are quite the thing as brides and grooms are looking to make a personal statement on their big day.
  3. Be unique – In years past, photo booths, oxygen bars, etc., were popular additions to the wedding reception scene. But now, couples are taking it up several notches with psychics, caterers in big costumes, and more. Stilt people, anyone?
  4. Eco-friendly – This one is big. Couples are looking for any way that they can to enjoy their day without making a detrimental impact on our carbon footprint. Many caterers are now offering eco-friendly packages that consist of compostable plates and silverware. And, as the best of caterers know how to make any food taste great, even vegetarian couples are now able to extend their food preferences to their guests, and the guests are loving it.
  5. Big flowers and big balloons – As with every wedding, there is sure to be a photographer on-site. But with Instagram, Pinterest, and the ability to take your own amazing photos with your own mobile device, guests are becoming secondary professional photographers at many weddings. Thus, couples are looking for big decor that creates a unique setting but also makes for a fabulous photo opportunity. 
  6. Barn weddings – If you live in the midwest or even in the northeast, you know that there is no shortage of beautiful barns sprinkled throughout the land. Though this trend picked up a few years ago, the concept of getting married and celebrating in a renovated barn shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, venue owners or want-to-be venue barn owners can often be found negotiating with run-down barn owners or barns that are no longer operating as traditional barns, all with the intent of turning the space into one for a party that no one will ever forget.
  7. A rainbow of colors – Even just a few years ago, bridal parties would be seen in one or two colors, with everyone matching. But for 2019 and 2020 alike, we’ll continue to see more colors of the rainbow working their way into the mix. We’ll see shades of pink, red, and even orange. And, mustard yellow, ochre, cumin, and saffron are quite the rage, especially when mixed with intense or dark greens.
  8. Elegant invitations – With wedding guest counts going down and expenses going up, one aspect that is definitely getting some budget is the wedding invitations. Vintage and lace invitations are back and more beautiful than ever.


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