The Wedding Dress Buying Experience

October 25th, 2019

So you said yes, and now it is time to plan the big day. And now there is so much to do, and so little time. The wedding planning checklist is a big one. From identifying a venue to finding the caterer that will create a meal that your guests will remember for decades, it seems like wedding planning can go on forever. This is just one of the many reasons that it is so important to know how to say yes to the dress and get that important task checked off the list.


Wedding dress shopping, however, isn’t all that easy. Sure, we’ve all heard the stories of mom and her daughter the bride-to-be, the moment that the perfect dress is tried on. There isn’t a dry eye in the place. But the fact that often gets left out is all the trial and tribulation that took place before that final selection was made. 


It isn’t all that unusual for a bride to try on at least four to seven dresses. In some cases, a bride may try on ten or more. Though those first few visits can be a lot of fun, over time, it can turn into a stressful situation as the bride starts to fear that the right dress just doesn’t exist. So, how can you make sure that you try on the right dresses from the get-go, and limit the experience to prevent confusion, exhaustion, and frustration?

The secret to finding the right wedding dress 


Perhaps the most important step in finding the right wedding gown is in setting a budget. Once that budget is identified (and make sure it is a real budget with a real cap so that you stick to it), it means that you can narrow down your selections faster and avoid trying dresses that are far outside of your comfortable budget. And, in addition to identifying the budget, the other key factor is timing. Start looking for your wedding dress no more than 12 months before the big day. At the 12 month point, it means you will be more likely to find a dress that will align with the current styles on your wedding day, you will have time to visit more than one bridal shop over the course of a month or so, and you will have plenty of time for alterations. Trust us, do not rush the gown purchase or the alteration process.


Next, think through the kind of style that you are going for. This process can also help you to limit the type of dress that you want and will save you time in the dress shop. If you aren’t sure what styles to consider, there are a variety of quizzes and online tools available to help you narrow down your selection before you even step inside a store.


Carefully consider who you want with you when you make a visit to a bridal gown studio. Too large of an entourage is not so good as it will slow down your decision-making process and may push you out of your comfort zone and away from the style and budget you are going for. Keep the group simple and make sure that everyone and anyone attending with you understands your ground rules. This is your day; not theirs.


Finally, be willing to commit. If you find the dress that matches your criteria and makes you feel beautiful, then allow yourself to be done. Second-guessing just causes unnecessary stress and takes focus away from the other things that you need to do to plan your perfect wedding day. Plus, imagine the scenario if you walk away from the dress you love because you just want to try a few more at a few more salons, and then you make your way back to that original dress in a few weeks and it is gone? Or, maybe not gone but you have now run out of time for the alterations to be made. This is a bride’s nightmare, so make sure it doesn’t become a reality for you.


All in all, wedding dress shopping should be fun and special. When you take the time to set your budget, identify your style, and ensure the right people accompany you on your shopping trip, you can ensure that you will be in the right mode to say yes to the right dress. Happy shopping, and congratulations!


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